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Keep 5

Keep 5Think about what matters to you. What would you do to make sure the things that matter to you today have a secure future, long after you’re gone? Imagine the possibilities for your community if everyone designated just 5% of their estates to hometown needs.

With the help of community foundations we can create permanent sources of funding for local charities, schools, churches, parks and much more. Our state is experiencing an unprecedented transfer of wealth, as estates change hands from one generation to the next. By 2020, the transfer of wealth in Kansas is estimated to be $79 billion, and will increase to $598 billion by 2064.

By “Keep 5 in Kansas” up to $4 billion could go back to local communities by 2020. For many counties that could mean millions of dollars that could be invested to provide sustainable funding for causes near and dear to that community.

Please visit www.keepfiveinkansas.com to learn more. A little planning. A big impact.