An Affiliate of the Western Kansas Community Foundation

Washington-Ames HouseGrants are made possible through funds created by generous contributors who have a heart for Wichita County. Since its inception in 2002, the Wichita County Community Foundation has granted to projects and programs of non-profit organizations within Wichita County. These vary from arts, education, development, youth, health, recreation, and senior citizens. The grant program is essentially the heart and soul of the WCCF and is the reason we do what we do.

Chromebook InitiativeEach grant request through the WCCF is evaluated on its own merit based on the contents of the application. We are honored to participate in important community issues and strive to expand our services to address specific issues, when consistent with our mission or the wishes of our donors.

The WCCF has an unrestricted grant making pool which supports one grant cycle each year as well as endowed and individual donor funds who provide support for charitable organizations in which they are passionate about.