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Grant Guidelines

The Wichita County Community Foundation has an annual grant application process. Specific information, including guidelines, for this competitive funding opportunity, can be found below. Applications can be completed in our online grant system which can be accessed from our Grant Application page.


We HIGHLY suggest you submit your application before the deadline in case of any technical difficulties.


Who Do We Fund?

The Foundation restricts its support to 501(c)(3) or other exempt organizations/groups or the government equivalent (i.e. public schools, city/county/state entities, churches, etc.), who serve Wichita County, Kansas.

The Foundation encourages grant requests that:

  • Fall in line with the WCCF mission statement - "Enhancing the quality of life in Wichita County."
  • Will have a broad impact on the quality of life for a large number of people within the WCCF service area.
  • Propose ways to address community issues and problems.
  • Leverage other sources of support.
  • Stimulate others to participate in addressing community issues.
  • Are innovative, a new initiative, or an enhancement of an existing program.
  • Are responsive to changing or emerging community needs.
  • Are sustainable over time.
  • Are collaborative with other organizations for a broader impact.

The Process

The Foundation will accept one grant request per organization, per funding period. After we receive your completed proposal, the Foundation board members will meet to review your application. You will be notified of the Board's decision as soon as possible after the Board meeting at which your application is considered. This notification will come in the form of an email as well as being marked on your application in the online grant application system. Organizations that are awarded a grant are not eligible for the next grant cycle unless previously awarded funds have been expended, AND, all final reporting has been completed. A Final Report is required of all awarded requests. The Final Report form will be available in the online grant application system once an application has been approved and will be due at the completion of your program, or no later than one year from the original application date. Organizations may submit a Final Report for one grant in the same application period that a new grant is applied for, however, if the Final Report is not approved by the board, the accompanying new request may not be reviewed. 

**If you have been awarded a grant, and you determine that your program needs to vary from what was presented and funded in the original grant application, or if you are approaching the one-year deadline for the completion of your grant, and your program/project will not be completed by the deadline, you MUST formally request a deviation or continuance of your program from the Foundation. To do so, follow the instructions on our Deviation & Continuance Request page.

Application Deadline

The WCCF reviews grant applications once per year. 

Application Due Date Grants Awarded
May 1st June

Funding Ineligibility

The board will not give consideration to:

  • Grants to individuals.
  • Operating or maintenance expenses (including salaries).
  • Medical or scholarly research.
  • Membership fees.
  • Banquet or luncheon expenses.
  • Ticket sales for charitable fund-raising efforts.
  • Religious organizations for religious purposes.
  • Travel expenses for groups, such as school classes, clubs, or sports teams.
  • Capital debt reduction.
  • Political lobbying or legislative activities.
  • Use of and payment for services of a fiscal agent.
  • Endowment establishment or enhancement.
  • Umbrella funding organizations that would distribute requested funds at their own discretion.
  • Marketing tools, such as water bottles, t-shirts, pens, etc.
  • Give-away items for prizes/incentives.

Additional Information

Due to the number of requests the Foundation receives, it is not guaranteed every project will be funded or that full requests will be met. Applications must be submitted in full through the online grant system in order to be reviewed. Applications received outside of this system will not be eligible for review. 

Each grant request will be reviewed and evaluated on its own merit based on the contents of the application. For this reason, it is important to provide clear and complete responses to all information requested.

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