An Affiliate of the Western Kansas Community Foundation

Who Do We Fund?

The Foundation restricts its support to 501(c)3 or other exempt organizations/groups or the government equivalent, in Wichita County. The Foundation does not make grants to individuals, political purposes, to retire indebtedness, or for payment of interest or taxes.

The Process

After we receive your completed proposal, copies will be provided to the Foundation’s Board of Directors for recommendations. This recommendation will then be sent to the Western Kansas Community Foundation with whom we are affiliated to assure compliance with policy. You will be notified of the WCCF Board’s decision as soon as possible after the Board meeting at which your application is considered. The final report is due at completion of project or one year from the date funds are received.

Funding Requests

The Foundation encourages grant requests for projects or programs that:

  • Will have a broad impact on the quality of life for a large number of people in the community
  • Propose ways to address community issues and problems
  • Leverage other sources of support
  • Are innovative, a new initiative, or an enhancement of an existing program
  • Are sustainable over time

Funding Ineligibility

  • Operating expenses
  • Membership fees
  • Grant writer’s fee
  • Individuals

Additional Information

Due to the number of requests the Foundation receives, it is not guaranteed every project will be funded or full requests will be met. Programs and projects must be completed within a one-year period from receipt of the notification of the grant award. Each grant request will be reviewed and evaluated on its own merit based on the contents of the application form. For this reason, it is important to provide clear and complete responses to all information requested.