An Affiliate of the Western Kansas Community Foundation

Our Mission Statement

The Wichita County Community Foundation, Inc. is a vehicle to establish assistance for the Wichita County area. We believe it is our responsibility as an organization and citizen of the communities we live in, to participate in progressive and positive change. It is the intent of this foundation to work on the premise of improving the quality of life within Wichita County.

The Wichita County Community Foundation, Inc. is a tax-exempt public charity that enables individuals, businesses and organizations to establish charitable funds. Grants will be awarded from these funds to support local charitable organizations. The Wichita County Community Foundation, Inc. was organized in 2002 to benefit the Wichita County area and its residents.

Wichita County Community Foundation, Inc. is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit public charity so designated by the Internal Revenue Service and is registered as a non-profit corporation with the Kansas Secretary of State.

Purpose and Goals

The Wichita County Community Foundation, Inc. is committed to assisting the people and communities of Wichita County in pro-active activities to enhance the quality of life in the County. The vision of the Foundation is to enhance overall development to insure the future of our communities. To fulfill these commitments, we hereby adopt this Preamble to our By-Laws, stating our common goals, and directing the Board of Directors to vigorously pursue these objectives.

First, the Foundation will pursue Operational Excellence in all aspects of the services offered, by setting and achieving high standards of honesty and integrity through the functions of receiving and giving.

Second, the Foundation will provide Effective Management through fidelity and fairness. It is our belief that people and organizations worthy of trust, demonstrate loyalty and equal treatment of all individuals.

Third, the Foundation will strive for the Development of Wichita County and will work to improve the opportunities for individuals and organizations. With the strong leadership of volunteers we can and will provide a vehicle to revitalize the economy of Wichita County.

Fourth, the Foundation will insist upon the Sensitivity to People by caring, respecting, and understanding the concerns of those who live in our county. We will strive to accomplish this task by listening to volunteers and those who seek our assistance. We shall also provide as much information to the public as is reasonably possible to permit intelligent assessment of our goals, means, and results as they relate to the organization's mission.

Fifth, the Foundation will act as a Responsible Steward and Citizen which involves lawfulness, participation, social consciousness, and public service.