An Affiliate of the Western Kansas Community Foundation


The investment and spending policies of the Foundation are designed to ensure careful management of Foundation assets in order to serve the long-term best interests of the community. It is recognized that these assets constitute a public trust, and the Foundation accepts a high degree of fiduciary responsibility and accountability for them. As an affiliate of the Western Kansas Community Foundation the WCCF has the availability of professional staff and financial services.

The Foundation believes best performance will be achieved through a balanced portfolio invested for long-term growth. Funds are invested with Commerce Trust Company and governed by the Finance Committee of the Western Kansas Community Foundation.



Non-Permanent Funds – $35,799.21

Permanent Funds – $772,451.73

As Of December 31, 2016


Note: A complete financial statement with the Independent Auditor’s Report is available for review in the Western Kansas Community Foundation’s office, 403 N. Main, Garden City, Kansas. Western Kansas Community Foundation is a 501(c)3. Tax ID number is 48-1184667.


Permanent Funds

  • Heart Strings to Purse Strings Endowment
  • Wichita County Health Center Endowment Foundation
  • Wichita County Education Foundation
  • City of Leoti
  • Wichita County Economic Development
  • Wichita County Municipal Golf Course
  • Wichita County 4-H and Fair Endowed Fund
  • Judy Biel Memorial
  • John and Mary Herndon Trusts
  • Alfred Droste Memorial Fund
  • Community First Fund
  • WCCF Permanent Unrestricted Endowment
  • WCCF Operating Endowment
  • WCCF Scholarship
  • KHF Public Health Endowment
  • KHF Operating Endowment
  • Happy One of Leoti
  • Joann's Fund
  • Paula Smith Unrestricted Fund
  • Western State Bank Unrestricted Fund
  • Whole Health Fund